Arranging photos

is there a way to arrange photos in window 8.1 any way I want, when I drag them they go back where they started

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What program are you using? Most stuff sorts by name/date or something like that.

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You probably want to use some sort of photo management software. That way you could name them or tag them or group them the way you want. Maybe something like Luminar 4. (Although you’re on Windows, it’s also good on Mac too, in case that ever became an OS you would use.)

I have a PC with windows 8.1, I used to be able to drag and sort pictures into any order I wanted but since windows 7 maybe they just bounce back to where they were… the program there all stored in is Windows Photo gallery

Unfortunately Windows Photo Gallery was marked for End Of Life with Windows 7. There are supposedly still ways to get it. Apparently it came as part of Windows Essentials 2012, which is technically still available and can be made to work, apparently even on Windows 10. It seems fraught with possible problems, but if you want to try that route, you could read here:

I still stand by my recommendation that you want a new Image Management program, such as Luminar. If you’re unwilling to spend the money for all the power of Luminar, there are possible free programs that may appeal. Perhaps check out darktable.