"Anything with a chip in it"

Maybe this is going back a bit, but the catch line for The Tech Guy Show used to be “anything with a chip in it”. I can even remember a caller who told Leo that he, the caller, had a chip in himself.

During The Tech Guy Show #1683, Leo had a caller who wanted to know if Leo recommended installing a bidet. The bidet seats that replace your toilet seat definitely have a chip in them. They are fairly complex little units, heating the seat and the cleansing wash to a specific temperature, small extending wands that move to pre-adjusted locations, different water pressure for different purposes, and it all has very specific timing.

The desire for a heated seat became overwhelming after a winter trip to Japan and Okinawa in 2008. And the other features proved to be just as useful over time.

Many visitors could not understand why I had power points installed next to the toilets when we designed our current home. With a power point near the fixture, and the T fitting that comes with the units we have purchased, almost anyone can install their own bidet seat in about 30 minutes, with simple tools most of us have at home.

Now I’m not going to recommend a Hands On or How To program for TWIT on this subject.

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Yes, I laughed as I walked when I listened to that Tech Guy episode, and the first question was about the bidet. :smiley: