Annual "Best of' shows

Was listening to AAA this week when Jason mentioned that it’s time to start sending in your Best of 2021 moments. Shrug…

Curious how others feel about the best of shows. I listened to one once many years ago and wrote the rest off as essentially clip-shows. It sounds like a LOT of work goes into these shows, and I’m just curious if it’s appreciated by the audience. Nothing wrong with taking a week or so off, but don’t feel like you HAVE to release something.

What do you think of the Best of episodes?

  • Love the clip show
  • Skip it. New content only

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It depends, some years I listen to them, others I skip them. It depends on what else is going on. They are usually fun, but I often have to much going on around me, so skip them, other times things are flat and it is a great way to spend time.

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I generally like them (closer to love than skip entirely) - because I’ve found some truly funny bits in them. There was a segment from Windows Weekly back in 2011 or 2012 with Leo and Paul where they are going “Matlock” “MacGuyver” to each other and Paul just breaks down laughing. It’s hysterical - I encourage anyone to look it up if you’re not familiar with it.

So - yeah, I generally like them and occasionally there are the bits like the one above that elevate a particular “best of” episode.


I used to be in the skip them entirely but last year having been unemployed, I listened to them and even though I knew it was clips of “Old Content” I either remembered that I had knew something they discussed or I heard something that was very interesting that they had previously discussed and was like WOW! How did I miss that?

So as of now, I’m in a can’t wait to see the neat bits that get compiled together.


Not voting because “love” is the wrong word, but I don’t want them cancelled either, because I believe many people enjoy them (or else people wouldn’t submit suggestions for that content.) The options in the poll needed an “indifferent” option.

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I found the episode - from 2013 as it turns out

MacGyver Matlock (

The hijinks begin at the 1:36:58 mark with @Leo mentioning a fruit rollup and it all goes downhill from this. It’s easily one of the funniest things I’ve seen on this show.


Yep, one of my favorites as well.


Same here! Warm fuzzy feeling material over the holidays? Sign me up! It’s also nice to see what team TWiT considered the most valuable instances.


I also enjoyed the TWiT 24 hour New Year event, and would welcome a bonus “Christmas Special” with a mix of hosts from different shows.

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