Am I the only one weirded by Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers?

I see all these ads for Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers and every time it gives me the willies… and I can’t quite figure out why. Am I the only one who finds it some weird corruption of childhood memories? Adjacently relevant, here’s a Mr. Roger’s parody

Well I have a problem with Mr Rogers as Mr Rogers, never did like the show, my Mom told me I never like him and thought he was strange.

Sorry, I don’t know who Mr Rogers is…

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I am close to 50 - it’s been a LOONG time since I watched that show - but I loved it as a kid. That being said, I have no interest in watching a movie about him


I agree. I loved MR Rogers as a kid but realized he is a one of a kind type person and no one can fill his shoes…not even Tom Hanks


You guys are all crazy. Mr Rogers is an American Hero. Tom Hanks is the best! He’s going to kill it as Mr Rogers. Tom Hanks went to the moon!

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Mr. Rogers is an incredible human! I watched him growing up, along with Sesame Street. Regardless of who is playing him in a movie, he is truly one-of-a-kind. :slight_smile: Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I strongly disagree with the topic that originally started this thread.

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If it was in any way unclear: I have no problem with Mr. Rogers… (I mean he’s obviously no longer on the air but I thought he was a great influence on children when he was alive.) My question is why I find his portrayal by Hanks as creepy.

Tom Hanks ran across the country!

He looks like Mr Rogers…

I think this nails his problem. Hanks is an incredible actor and even in a picture of him as Mr. Rogers just captures the icon in an incredible manner. It’s often creepy when someone just becomes the character so completely that we have a moment of willies!


Tom Hanks was stranded on a desert island for years!

I have been watching A LOT of Mister Rogers with my son over the last six months or so. (I grabbed HUNDREDS of episodes from because Amazon Prime didn’t have nearly enough available.)

I enjoyed the Mister Rogers documentary that came out last year and went to see the Tom Hanks movie on Tuesday night. I was terribly disappointed.

It’s not a movie about Mister Rogers at all. I think the trailer was very misleading. It’s a movie about the reporter and his poor relationship with his father. Mister Rogers is really treated as a supporting character.

As for Tom Hanks’s performance, it seemed to me like it was the type of performance you’d see from an SNL guest host imitating a celebrity and not an accurate portrayal of a real person. I was constantly distracted by the fact it was Tom Hanks and he didn’t look or act like Fred Rogers as much as I had hoped. For example, when he first walks in at the start of the movie, some of his motions were exaggerated (like zipping up the sweater and tossing the shoe) and seemed almost like a parody. The music during the TV show portions was also off…as if they couldn’t get the rights and had to modify the tune (which I know isn’t the case, but it was way off.)

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad movie, but I didn’t like it and won’t watch it again. Seriously, I didn’t expect to see a fist fight at the beginning of a movie featuring Mister Rogers on the poster.

I did catch the real life Mrs. Rogers as an extra in a restaurant scene, so that was a nice surprise.


Well, thanks for the honest review

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Didn’t Tom Hanks invent AOL?

Was that before or after Al Gore invented the internet? :smiley:

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dang…you (Mistershipwreck) and godfrey are hysterical with your post on Hanks inventing AOL and Gore inventing the internet. You guys are the best

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