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How to protect the unsuspecting person from scammers?
How to freeze columns and rows in a large spreadsheet to keep them from scrolling?
Show how to create a visitor account as a standard account for family members wanting to use your system?
Recommendations for routers and then how to set it up?
Recommending buying a modem rather than paying rent from the provider?
Evaluating these 2TB usb flash drives?
In Linux and Unix a SWAP partition is needed, how do you determine how large to make the SWAP?


Well I can surely answer the second question :slight_smile: I don’t know what software you’re using, but in Libre Office, you can select a row or column and select Freeze Rows & Columns in the View menu. Or right-click on the row or column header and select that same option from the drop down menu.

In Android, long press on the row or column header, hit the hamburger menu, and select Freeze.

I know Excel has a similar feature - I can’t remember just where it’s located or what it’s called, but it’ll be right on one of the menus, or likely also a dropdown menu.

I thought surely iOS would have this same feature, and it does in the web version of Google Sheets, but I don’t see it in the app.

MacPhyle, There is the ability to freeze a single column and or row in Libre Office unlie Lotus 123 and Supercalc many years ago where you select the row and or collumns that you want to freeze and you could freeze multiple columns and rows. There is no right click option in Libre Office. I have never found the freeze option in Excel and when I have gone into the help it is not listed last time I looked. I have not done this on Android or IOS.


No right click option in love office? Works on my Mac just fine. That is, I used the Magic Trackpad equivalent of right click.

I have LibreOffice in my Linux Mint. There is no freeze in the right click option list. This why I asked the question it is a function that was easy to use and offered a lot of value back in the old days. I have never found it in Excel.


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