About My Mac not showing Startup disk on some Macs

Very odd… on my older iMac, the Startup Disk is shown when I select About My Mac, but for my newer MacAir (2018), it does not show. I asked my friend and he notices the same thing.

Not a problem, but odd nonetheless. Just curious as to why?

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Are they running the same operating system version?

Yes. Both are running Catalina.

Just for grins, open Disk Utility on both Macs, and compare the configuration of the drives.

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@Bgeeoz Sorry, not following. What specific configuration should I look for?

When you open Disk Utility, select the operating system disk on the left hand sidebar (usually called a Macintosh HD). You will then get a display of the disk attributes,

See if both systems are using the same “Type”.

Okay, now I understand. They both say APFS Volume.

Catalina and High Sierra running on same late 2011 MBA
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Must have to do with different hardware.

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