AAA 612: CES 2023 _z

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Not sure if Ian is on here @JasonHowell , but location-based reminders being dropped last year impacted everything, including watches and Assistant :-1:t2:

My understanding is you have Google Reminders ( which can no longer be location-based, and notes in Keep ( which you can set a location-based reminder for.

But the only Keep functionality on the watch is ‘take a note’ with no opportunity to add a location reminder by voice. The only way I’ve found to do that is to then edit the note on your phone or PC.

Samsung’s ecosystem is slightly better, they still have location-based reminders, and Bixby (on the phone, not the watch) allows you to say ‘remind me to put out the bins when I get home’ etc.

There were rumours Google was developing something called Memories. Sounds similar to the My Brain capsule on Bixby which I use quite a bit. It’s a database you interact with via voice. e.g.

Ask my brain to remember I parked my car on level 3

Ask my brain where’s my car