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@JasonHowell that question that came in on the contacts not being shown when you search from the Google search bar, there’s some info here dated Aug 19.

It’s strangely vague, says if you have the settings correct it will work for ‘most people’ :thinking:

I’ve checked on my OnePlus 6 running OxygenOS 9.0.9. My settings are correct but doesn’t work :-1:t2:

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Man… The mini Nvidia shield looks tempting, an all in one Netflix, YouTube and retro emulation machine capable of running Dreamcast games like CvS 1&2 and MvC 1&2? Sing me in

I checked the contacts search on the Pixel 4 XL, and it does work. I get web results and a result box from Google Contacts. I’ve never used it for searching contacts, and truthfully it doesn’t seem that useful (the results are a bit buried in web results).

I just have a Contacts app on my home screen, tap on that and search.

I also just tried it via Assistant, and it works, but it took a bit of experimenting with the phrasing to get it right:
“Hey Google, show contacts” will open the contacts app.
“Hey Google, show contact information for yadayadayada” will open up an individual’s contact card.

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I’m sure it used to be better though. As soon as you typed the first couple of letters of a name, it would show contacts, you could IM or call directly from there. Not sure why Google has changed it. On mine, the contacts card only comes up if you type the full name of someone. However, if their name happens to be the same as someone famous, it just shows Internet search results :man_facepalming:t2:

@JasonHowell a solution is either use a different launcher or take a look at the ‘universal search’ apps on the Play Store. e.g. Nova (via Sesame), Action Launcher and Microsoft Launcher all have a search box that brings up contacts. Or alternatively, install an app like Sesame and put their search widget on your current home screen.

I’m giving Sesame a go on mine. It also integrates with apps, so you can search for a song on Spotify or a show on Netflix direct from the search bar :+1:t2: Google Search and Assistant still work too.