A Flash question

Every time I open Chrome, I see that Flash is going away in Dec 2020.

What comes next? I use the Arlo camera website, and a couple of other website. I assume they will have to update their website some kinda way to work without flash. I have to allow flash on those sites in order to make use of them…

Sites using flash need updates that use HTML 5 instead of Flash. That’s my guess, anyway.

Flash is out most web sites use HTML 5.

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Well, Netgear is still using Flash on their Arlo camera website - if you want to see a live view.

Ah, Flash… the software people love to hate from the software company people love to hate. It’s not like they didn’t earn their reputation by repeatedly having security vulnerabilities for a decade or more now.

Flash is basically a scripting tool and a set of codecs. It’s necessary for your cameras because they output video to a codec that Flash supports (and possibly one that is not well supported by HTML 5.)

The answer would be for Netgear to rewrite their website, and possibly also their camera firmware, so that everything worked in HTML 5 without Flash. This, of course, will cost significant money for them. They’d probably rather just declare those affected products as legacy and leave support of them up to the end user. They would hope you won’t be so pissed off as to not re-buy from them in the future. (This is akin to the issues with Sonos declaring their older products unsupported.)

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Well, they are still selling the cameras, so I would hope they update the site.

There is an app, which I use on the phone. But, I prefer to use the website