2020 Moto 360 with Wear OS 3100

Your thoughts?

I like it now.

Didn’t realize at first you could listen through bluetooth headphones.

Don’t you know that the everyone should be using bluetooth headphones? Duh… lol.

But really, I don’t like Apple products (I like to customize things too much and Apple doesn’t play nice with that) but I think that Apple has the best watch on the market. I can’t understand why everyone else is making something so large that you get bicep training just looking at the time and ever single android watch is missing at least one major feature and priced as much or more than the Apple watch.

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This is easy to explain. No one but Apple is making custom chips for watches. I don’t think Qualcomm has released anything new to this market in a long time. So big/old chips use too much battery, and big battery means a big watch.

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Moto 360 works with pixel buds. I’m happy :blush: now with the watch and Wear os.

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Okay I take back what i said negatively towards the battery life. I slept this the watch on over night after having it on my wrist while driving prior and I woke up to it at 55% about 12 hrs so I presume the Moto 360 will last 24 hrs with moderate interaction and bluetooth on.
Also, The OLED screen is very nice and dark to highlight the clock and makes the watch not so distracting at night.
I do wish moto 360 had the samsung watch feature that lets you cover it and the screen turns off. Currently I just use the auto dim and it turns off after a few seconds or I tilt my wrist.
Thankyou @SoulDessin for the bluetooth headphone reminder and suggestion :wink:

I would re-edit the original post, but currently do not have edit or delete capability. :frowning:

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